Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI est à l’heure actuelle la méthode la plus simple pour réaliser des logos pointus avec l’intelligence artificielle gratuitement comme nous l’avions vu dans l’article dédié.

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Dans cette article, nous allons utiliser différents prompts qui nous aiderons à créer des logos proches du résultat désiré. Si vous même, souhaitez réaliser votre logo, vous pouvez simplement prendre les prompts présentés et rajouter les détails nécessaires à la réalisation que vous souhaitez.

Utiliser ces prompts pour réaliser votre logo : 

Prompts simples.

Creative logo for nutural product sell named “WARBAMART LTD”

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Make me curd logo

Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI (4)



Create a 2D pictorial logo of a turtle with a earth globe on its back on top of its shell. Use green on a plain white background

Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI (7)

Create a 2D Negative Space Logo based on the text “S G C” in black and grey lettering on a white background in a contemporary modern style with the letters forming the faces of a cube, typography

Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI (11)

Create a 2D sticker logo of the text “Be Reet” in yellow a contemporary style with a white border on a minimalist background, 3d render

Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI (1)Prompts complexes.

A striking and modern logo featuring a stylized, blurred fox holding an AK-47 rifle. The fox is depicted in a fierce, determined pose with a sleek, urban design. The “fox” text is bold and eye-catching, with a sharp, futuristic font. The overall effect is a high-energy, edgy image that evokes a sense of strength and boldness.

Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI (8)

A sleek and vibrant logo featuring the “Daichi” font, which has a modern, bold, and gang-inspired style. The letters are filled with bright, contrasting colors, creating a striking appearance. The overall design exudes a sense of energy and excitement, making it perfect for bold statements and eye-catching branding.

Créer un logo avec Ideogram AI (5)

A dramatic nighttime scene of an urban graffiti artwork “ENEUS” on a large wall, featuring wildstyle lettering in brilliant shades of golden yellow and turquoise with color splashes and drips. The intricate, stylized text spells out an ambiguous word or name surrounded by smaller text elements and background decorations. The bold colors and loose paint strokes create a glowing, almost neon aesthetic against the dark wall surface. Cinematic lighting from unseen sources casts shadows and highlights across the textured, weathered brickwork surrounding the vivid street art piece. uplight”

a minimalist app icon design featuring an illuminated circular button with vibrant gradient colours set against a dark background. The button is centred and the colour transition from dark brown at its edge, to bright yellow at its centre, creating a striking contrast that highlights it’s importance. The design embodies simplicity, while showcasing modern aesthetics, making for an eye-catching element, 3d render

A whimsical and quirky vector illustration of a unicorn dressed as an Easter rabbit, wearing a pair of glasses, and holding a calculator. The unicorn is playfully positioned, and the text “Taxicorn” is prominently displayed above it. The overall design is vibrant and colorful, with touches of pastels and a happy, cheerful atmosphere.

A vibrant and nostalgic illustration of a retro-style t-shirt design, featuring the bold words “Wife, Mom, Teacher” in a vintage font. The words are surrounded by a colorful, intricate floral pattern, with books and pencils woven into the design. The background is clean and simple, allowing the design to stand out. The overall atmosphere of the illustration is uplifting and celebratory, perfect for honoring a mother who is also a teacher on Mother’s Day., illustration

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